What happens if I think my child has autism?

If you think your child could have autism it’s helpful to get a diagnosis because it unlocks more support for your child. It’s normal to be unsure or worried about what will happen. Having so many different people involved may seem confusing, but together these professionals can help you and your child.

Some of the people involved could be:

    • GP: a doctor based in the community
    • Paediatrician: a doctor who specialises in care of children
    • Speech and language therapist: supports people with communication problems
    • Clinical psychologist: mental health specialist
    • Occupational therapist: supports people to manage their daily activities
    • Health visitor: trained nurse who visits families with young children in their homes


It’s really important to give all the information you can. You know your child best. Be as honest as you can, so you can get the best support. When all the assessments are complete you will find out whether or not your child has autism. Wherever you live in the world you can speak to a health professional if you are concerned about your child.



Autism Independence worked with NIHR to produce these videos to be watched alongside the fact sheet.