BBC Women's Hour features Nura Aabe

  • 3 November 2016

BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour features Nura Aabe

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Set in the oncology department of a hospital, a new musical that demystifies cancer is playing at the National Theatre. Writer and director Bryony Kimmings and producer Judith Dimant discuss turning such a difficult subject into a show.

Eyeliner is the next item in our series looking at five beauty staples. Jenni speaks to beauty writer and author of Pretty Iconic, Sali Hughes and beauty blogger, Sam Chapman, otherwise known as one half of the sister duo, Pixiwoo, about why eyeliner is a beauty must-have.

Nura Aabe is a British Somali woman whose son Zackie has autism. There’s no word for autism in the Somali community. Nura’s family wanted her to hide Zackie away and not talk about him. Despite that she went on to set up an organisation called Autism Independence and is now researching the condition as a PHD student at Bristol Uni.

This year’s Power List will celebrate seven women who’ve made the biggest impact on women’s lives over the past seventy years. Judges will decide who’s on the list but who should they be considering? Jude Kelly, artistic director of the South Bank Centre, Julia Raeside, TV critic for the Guardian, and literary critic Alex Clark look back over seven decades of the arts, popular culture, and writing. Who will they suggest and what has been their influence?

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