Transition to Adulthood Project

Our Transition to Adulthood Project supports young people as they move from childhood into adulthood.

We can begin working with families from around the age of 15 to ensure that the child or young person with autism is able to fulfil their potential.

This can include:

  • Attending EHCP meetings and Annual Reviews to ensure that future provision and support is included.
  • Building a profile of the young person, to understand their individual needs, challenges and strengths and to get a full picture of their aspirations and desires for the future.
  • Liaising with further education settings to ensure their support package is complete and needs are being met.
  • Helping the young person to secure voluntary work with our partnership companies.
  • Helping the young person to investigate and secure paid work opportunities and training courses.
  • Working with the young person to write CV’s and cover letters, to learn interview techniques and to empower them to know their rights so that they can be treated in a fair and inclusive way in the workplace.

We work in partnership with local businesses and educational settings to provide inclusive opportunities.

We also organise Inclusive and Diversity Careers Fairs to bring together our partners in one place to showcase the opportunities available to young people with autism.